I鈥檓 sorry I鈥檝e mistreated
Misused and
Abused you

And I鈥檓 sorry I鈥檝e cried so hard
Wishing you weren鈥檛

I鈥檓 sorry for the obsessive body checks
Time after

And I鈥檓 sorry that I bullied you and
Deprived you of all you deserved

I鈥檓 sorry that I鈥檝e punched
Grabbed and
Pulled at you

All you ever do is carry me through

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things i needed to hear in health class:

  • puberty might make you squishier and its ok
  • vaginas have a smell and it鈥檚 a ok
  • all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies have gr8 sex
  • genitals do not all look the same and variety is rad
  • people have stretch marks sometimes
  • people have pimples on their butts sometimes
  • people have cellulite sometimes
  • gender =/= sex
  • sex =/= scary danger FEAR
  • bodies aren鈥檛 scary or gross or sacred聽
  • everything is ok

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ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened

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